Seasons21 Purse Collection

Here you will find a purse for every occasion.  Check out the gallery to see a variety of designs. Each purse is professionally handmade by me with a touch of individuality added to every one, making your custom order totally unique!  Contact me for your custom order requests. You will love it!!

Select products are available at Seasons21Designs on Etsy 


Home Accessories and Seasonsal Items

Class, comfort and a splash of color,   this is what specialty tartan and tweed accents bring to your home.  Products include; pillows, place mats and napkins, runners and baskets.

Check out the gallery below for more details.

Select products are available at Seasons21Designs on Etsy


Capes and Wraps
A new and popular item is the European cape, a stylish addition to any outfit.  Fit for all seasons these versatile capes can be worn by themselves in warmer weather or worn over a jacket or coat for those colder months.  
Select products are available at Seasons21Designs on Etsy


Request A Quote

Contact me to request a quote, or visit Seasons21Designs on ETSY!

The Winter Warmer Collection

Scarves - Neck Warmers - Gloves - Ear Warmers

Make your winter warmer with this toasty tartan collection.

Everything you need to stay warm and bright in those cold dark months of winter.

​​Select products are available at Seasons21Designs on Etsy


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