About Me

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About Me

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Hi and welcome to Seasons21!

My name is Annie, and I am the designer and maker of all Seasons21 clothing and accessories. I absolutely love the traditional tartan and tweed fabrics of my home country, so these are the fabrics I work with most of the time.  However, I do have a love for all textiles, and I am constantly searching for (and buying) unusual and sometimes whimsical fabrics and prints from all around the world. You are most likely to find these in my bow tie and purse collections!

I am Scottish (now Scottish/American) born and raised in a small Lanarkshire village. I attended the Scottish College of Textiles (Heriot Watt University) in the scenic Scottish Borders where I learned clothing design and construction. The quality and professional construction of everything Seasons21 is very important to me, and you can expect quality and durability in every item.

After my husband and I and our very young family arrived in the states in 2001, we became involved with our local Scottish Festival and several other Celtic events.  It seemed such a natural thing to do since we were, after all, Scottish and my husband is a talented, sexy beast of a highland bagpiper. This really helped me keep a connection with home while meeting so many amazing people from all over the world. I would make clothing and accessories from tartan to wear at these events and after many requests from others to make them something in tartan, Seasons21 began.

Seasons21 has evolved a bit since then, but it still makes me so happy to be able to provide my customers with something special, a little piece of Scotland that is just theirs. I love that I get to meet so many of my customers at Festivals, Art Fairs and other events. When I speak with my customers I realize they feel a real connection with, or love for Scotland in some way – whether it be through books, dreams, travel or ancestry.